Thursday, 23 September 2010

Day 21: Bishop, CA - Larrington Towers

I have no idea whether there will be Free Internets at the airport, but I'll just create this post to remind myself to finish off this year's tale...

OK, we haz teh Intarwebs here.  Hurrah!  By my standards a leisurely start from Bishop, though I was still on the road before eight.  A familiar run up US-395 before turning left up Tioga Pass and into Yosemite National Park.  Here are some of the mountains which live nearby:

Note SNO on said mountains
Being a National Park, Yosemite is full of idiots going "Oooh!  Look!  A mountain!" while driving under the influence of teh Stupidz.  This goes doubly so for the person in the motorhome coming in the opposite direction, who seemed to want two-thirds of my lane as well as all his own, the cockwomble.  Yosemite is quite good to look at if you have the time, but I didn't, so here is a picture of a bit of it:

Tuolumne Meadows, or something like that
Top down after Yosemite, as it had warmed up quite nicely and it's downhill all the way, including an amazing bit of CA-120, about which I had totally forgotten, unless I didn't go that way in the first place.  Out of the woods and down into the flatlands.  It's strange suddenly to see cultivated land.  And finally onto the freeway system, with its pass-either-side brand of anarchy specially designed to confuse the fuck out of innocent tourists.

And so to the airport.  The Hertz Man charges me extra because the car is full of dust, and more because someone else threw up a stone whih chipped the windscreen.  Then the BA check-in says stuff like "the flight is very full and we'll give you lots of money if you stay overnight and fly tomorrow instead" before ominously attaching a big orange label with "STANDBY" on it to THE LUGGAGE.  If I and The Luggage to not arrive in Londonton at the same time, and should I not get the World Traveller Plus seat for which I paid extra seven months ago, there will be ructions, mayhem and police cars.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for next year's exciting episode, otherwise known as "Project 10,000".  Unless Larrington Towers and burned down, fallen over and sunk into the swamp, or been towed away by the council or something... 

Curious thing seen on the road: a convoy of no fewer than nine first generation Ford Thunderbirds.

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