Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 21: Scottsbluff, NE - Larrington Towers

I dunno, you spend a certain amount of money on an upgrade to Club Class and forty minutes later get a grease stain on your least unsavoury pair of trousis.


It seems to have concealed itself overnight, fortunately.  Yesterday's credit card bobbins has been sorted by The Mgt, who looks like Jorja Fox' malnourished sister.  Apparently Jessica is an Idiot and put me down as a no-show on Wednesday night.  Jorja's comment: "I'm gonna fire her even if I'm not allowed to!"  The no-show and the refund for same appear to have been applied to my American Express card, which could save me some money as I haven't got one.

I couldn't think of anywhere I wanted to go except Kansas (because I haven't been there before), but that was a wee bit too far in the time available.  So I just headed south down Highway 71 until I reached I-70, turned right and headed for the airport.  On the way I passed through Last Chance, CO.  I had a good look, but there didn't appear to be a saloon there.  Money back please.
Bye-bye Nebraska...

...and hello Colorado (again)
No raised eyebrows at having clocked 6342 miles and the interior was a lot less of a bomb-site than last year's, when I drove sweep before every session, with consequent leaping in and out with half of Nevada on the soles of my Intrepid Sandals.  Check-in smooth and being in Raddled Posho Class allows one to bypass the queue of Oiks at security,though you still have to take your shoes off.  At least this allowed me to evict a small piece of Nevada which had been annoying me all day.  Currently I am loafing in the Raddled Posho Club, which includes useful things such as free drinkohol, but I am being good and only drinking BEER.  I may just leave this year's trip at that, as Heathrow and the Victoria Line can only be an anti-climax after this.

6342 miles, ten states, from 14,160 feet at the top of Mount Evans to ~1,250 somewhere between the Arizona Strip and Las Vegas.  And my arms are quite brown...

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