Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Collect Ten Pounds From Each Player

OK, so it isn't technically my birthday until Friday, but as tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the last time I had a Proper Drink I decided to claim my One Year Shiny Thing today.
This one is supposed to glow in the dark but I have not yet been able to test the veracity of this claim.  For a change I have gone for a dark background; what appears at first glance to be, oh, part of the tub of a hi-tech Ferrari or a piece of a passing Boeing or something is actually my portable CD/DVD drive.  Anyway, I have survived the first weekend of the 2015 Six Nations without making a beeline for the offy.
Some chap said the other day that one way to help cope with the stresses of recovery from active addiction is to listen to "inspiring music".  This week I are mostly listening to Hawkwind.  Oh.  Did you know that Silver Machine was recorded on my eighth birthday?  No?  Consider yourselves edumacated.
And finally, if you are not already following Steve "Teethgrinder" Abraham in his bid to break Tommy Godwin's long-standing record for the greatest distance cycled in a year, then pray visit the link up there /, donate some folding stuff to the cause or offer him a sausage as he passes by.  Go Steve!