Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Glorious Twelfth

Old General Coote was a fine old feller
He often was found laid down in a cellar
So on the Glorious Twelfth, while some people do shoot
We go a-drinkin', to honour Old Coote
- The Kipper Family
Today it is one year and one half since I eschewed drinkohol.  It is also Everyone Ignore Samfast Day but since the FLJS1 remains incommunicado in Captain Cook's Mistake this hasn't been so much of a chore.  As is customary at such anniversaries, I have a new Shiny Thing.
Shiny Thing #8
Since the actual Shiny Thing is actually that actual colour anyway I have been messing about with the toys available in  Which is why it:
  • is barely visible, and
  • looks like a Rubbish
If you look closely you will note that the background is the numeric keypad of an IBM Model M keyboard, and those who do not see the irony of using a 2 kg keyboard to control a 1 kg laptop have only themselves to blame.  The little wossname next to the "Scroll Lock" light is one of the stickers given away by the very wonderful purveyors of guitar-based rock Amplifier with their magnum opus "The Octopus2", an example of which adorns almost every piece of anbaric apparatus in Larrington Towers.  The sticker, not the album, clot.

Come February next I will complete the set of Shiny Things and will celebrate with the finest champagne Mr Sainsbury's House of Toothy Comestibles has to offer3.  The regular Automatic Diary will, subject to the vagaries of Homeland Security and the gun-tooting goondom running the Canada-USAnia frontier, resume on September 5th.  Yes, the Automatic Diary is to visit Canada, where the BEARs come from.  I will take an extra jumper.

  1. Filthy Lying Journalist Scum.
  2. Go and buy a copy immediately. Other Amplifier albums are available. Go and buy them all. And a T-shaped shirt...
  3. Lie.