Monday, 7 September 2015

Day 3: Prince George BC - Terrace BC

Poo ur gosh it did not rain overnight this time, no, it was just thirteen degrees all day.  And it rained.  I did see some lunatic in a Dodge Viper with the top down but he was bundled up like someone walking to the East North Pole and was in any case from Québec, where they are all mad.  Plus it rained all afternoon instead.  It's because it's a Bank Holibob.  I had hoped that by sneaking into Canada I might avoid Labor Day but they have it here too, just spelled differently.  But can Safeway Canada's webby SCIENCE tell me the opening hours of the Terrace branch?  Why, no!  No, it cannot!  And ICBA to walk down the street to check, because it's raining.  Again.  No tea on the Terrace for me then, ha ha.

Here is today's drive inna-Audax-route-sheet-stylee:

  • R from control
  • 1st L @ T
  • In 1.2 km, R @ TL
  • In 571 km, R @ TL
  • In 2 km, R to control
Didn't overtax Emily, anyway.  I did once get "In 863 miles exit right" from her, somewhere in Nebraska, but that was cheating.

So today was much like yesterday with a massive quantity of trees, quite a lot of lakes and the odd river:
River.  Canada.  Monday.
And BEARs:
Bear with me a second...
No woods1 around here...
And the world's largest fly-fishing rod.  No, come back!
Paging JR Hartley!  JR Hartley to the yellow courtesy phone...
And (possibly) the World's Ponciest Tap:
Woo!  Poncery!
You push the lever at the top towards the mirror and the water flows down an open channel at its base.  It could only be more poncy if it was in Prince Rupert instead of Terrace, but Prince Rupert (the great ponce) is ninety minutes drive / thataway.

New phrase or saying heard today: Whup-ass with fifty shades of hillbilly - term used by Nice Lady in hotel parking lot to describe treatment meted out to drunk/stoned 17 year old daughter i.e. throwing her out of the house clad only in a bath towel.

And finally, now would also be a good time to plug The Lore of the Land which is Dead Goodand has Dr Larrington.  In it.

  1. Lie.  But they do look as though they're, well, never mind...
  2. Caveat: I downloaded it while having breakfast this morning but aten't listened to it yet.  But it is Dead Good.


  1. Where is Day 4? One expects the next installment to be delivered in time for breakfast. ;-)

  2. Enjoy! The bears! The Lore of the Land! I am back from Godzone County where temp same as you but not so much rain.

    1. See Day 5 for feeble excuses as to why not listened to "TLotL" yet...