Sunday, 20 September 2009

Day 16: Battle Mountain, NV - Idaho Falls, ID

I had a nice lie-in this morning, until eight of the clock! Many of the Usual Suspects had departed by the time I was in a situation to put myself outside a cup or several of that which passes for coffee in the average Leftpondian motel; this was followed by the removal of whatever it was that Aaron, Ryan and Bobby had used to remove the tape residue from my windscreen. Thanks to Eric for the use of his ACME Goop-be Gone. Not thanks to whoever drew a large phallus in the dirt on the bonnet, helpfully labelled "COCK".

More coffee and milling about before final goodbyes and road-hitting. The first task was to try to locate the billboard just out of town featuring a photo of Eric's old Varna. This done, I high-tailed east on I-80 for a hundred and something miles before turning north on US-93. US-50 through Nevada is officially the "Loneliest Road In America"; the only thing which stop US-93 from filing a counter-claim is that it carries too much traffic.

More sage-brush, more dry brown hills most of the way here, with the odd bit of cultivation where water permits. A fierce westerly kept me on my toes as dust and tumbleweeds shot across the road; things improved as I turned north-east on US-20 and past the Craters Of The Moon.

This is a field of black lava and general volcanic bobbins which looks like the stuff raked out of Stan's boiler after it's gone out. I didn't linger here as I passed this way - albeit in the opposite direction - back in 2005. On that trip I spent an age fruitlessly looking for the entrance to the Comfort Inn, whose sign was clearly visible in the surrounding gloom. I am pleased to report that the entrance is no easier to find in daylight, which is one reason why I'm holed up in the nearby Super 8 instead.

Thought for the day: Toyota Pious owner! I bet you're pretty pleased with the fuel efficiency of your motor-car. Indeed, what better way to demonstrate this than by running out of petrol on I-80, within sight of the nearest pump?

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