Monday, 21 September 2009

Day 17: Idaho Falls, ID - Whitefish, MT

What a dull day.  A hundred and fifty miles of deadly boring roads before a little light relief was brought on by the crossing of Gilmore Summit.  Running down the Lehmi and Salmon rivers, and then up the north fork of the latter brought some relief in the form of:

  • corners, and
  • trees

However, once you get far down the Bitterroot towards Missoula the volume of traffic, much of it conducted slowly by cocks, increases dramatically while the Scenery gives way to an ugly series of ribbon developments with accompanying traffic lights, lower speed limits and other trappings of civilisation.

It's not much better north of Missoula either, though at least Flathead Lake is nice from a distance.

The booze-o-drome here in Whitefish doesn't like my Plastic, though as it's been used for at least four other things today, I'm hoping it's them rather than me.  And teh Intarwebs was b0rked.  And it never got warm enough to take my fleece off.  On the good side, the pizza place was playing Neil Young.

Thought for the day: This room is provided with a pen and paper.  So what kind of a cockwomble tears the page out of the phone book instead of writing down the address?

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  1. I'm sure you have already answered that question.
    In fact, you were probably sitting next to him at the diner at breakfast.