Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day 18: Whitefish, MT

Now that was more like it.  Well, sort of.  Out of the motel at well after nine, which is rather late by the standards of this or indeed, most, of my time in this country.  Plan A was to head the twenty or so miles down to West Glacier, drive through Glacier National Park

over Logan Pass, turn left at the far end and skirt round the northern edge of the whole thing to return to Whitefish.  Which meant crossing the border into Canada.

This, however, foundered on the rocks of the National Parks Service and its annual maintenance plan.  Logan Pass was closed, which meant looking at the western side of the park, retracing to the entrance and driving all the way round to St. Mary in order to visit the other side.  Of it. 

Which mitigated against any cross-border footlings, as it was by then 15:00 and the route via Alberta and British Columbia is a hundred and fifty miles longer.  And I had no idea if the border crossing point I would need to use would be open when I got there.

This latter was in part due to not having read all the bumph doled out at the park entrance; had I done so I'd have learned that said crossing is open 24/7.  But with all the bureaucracy involved in entering the US, it'd have taken till forever to go that way, so I contented myself with observing Canada from a distance before retracing the outward route back to Whitefish.

Anyway, today's roads had Scenery, and corners, and trees, and lakes, and mountains both with and without sno on them, and at least one glacier, and Canada. 


Thought for the day: The speeds on the yellow corner signs are advisory.  Even your wanky Korean heap can easily take them at 15 mph above the number on the sign, so there is no need to slow down to 10 mph below that figure.  Especially not when the figure is 15 mph.

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