Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 11: Battle Mountain, NV

My feet hurt.  The tops of my feet hurt because they got roasted while sailing last weekend.  The bottoms hurt because I have been standing up for far too long while wearing my new Intrepid Sandals.  The strap on my old Intrepid Sandals broke, y'see, so I bought some new ones.  And some assclown of a designer has put an insert in the sole right under one's heels.  This, on close scrutiny, claims to be a "ShocPad", which i suppose is intended to Do Something when one is walking.  However, it merely causes Pain when one is standing still.

I digress.  Only Ron Layman in Team Leone's improved Primal 2 needed to qualify this morning as Toronto Dan still has the Dreaded Lurgi.  We were then able to run a Several of machines over the full course, though not without a few problems due to miscommunication.  The radios used to speak to peeps at various points of the course used, in the Old Times, to be absolutely shite.  But then out of the west came a Nice Man from the local radio club, and he did cause to be placed atop Mount Lewis, the highest mountain hereabouts, a repeater device.  And Lo! it became possible to talk over the entire length of the course.  Until this year, when we couldn't.  Jonathan rang up the Nice Man, and thus discovered that the repeater was no longer working, because the local pikeys had stolen it.  Cock.  Nice Man is attempting to get something temporary rigged up for us.  Highlight of the session was Tiffany Underwood, keen to improve on last year's 48.something.  She went well over 50 mph, but alas the wind was too strong.

And her helmet was on back to front.  Her mother was happy, though, because I gave her a lift in the course car, at about 177 mph.  You've probably seen enough photos of my Chevy, so here instead is Robert Barnett's:

It's been completely rebuilt over the past couple of years and now features a hand-made nine-sided stainless steel steering wheel, but you'll have to take my word for this as the tinted windows made it almost impossible to get a satisfactory photo.

OK, I should have finished yesterday's entry this afternoon, but instead elected to go to sleep for a couple of hours.  Nothing much to report though,save that the wind was being arsey again and the revelation the Damjan's European record has had to be thrown out as his helmet was self-made and thus not approved,and thus invalidating the event's insewerants chiz.  And the radios sucked donkey balls again.  Jonathn has been in tough with a Nice Man called Steve, though, and as I type the are still out in the desert attempting, at least temporarily, to undo the work of the pikeys.

Jan-Marcel van Dijken and Thomas van Schaik are clear favourites in the 2010 Class Clown Competition.  It's bad enough that the buggers speak fluent English, never mind that there are able to crack good jokes in it at the rate of roughly one every fifteen seconds.

Curious thing seen on the road: no fewer than four coyotes.

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