Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 16: Battle Mountain, NV

"Why"", I hear you ask, "is Mr Larrington still in Battle Mountain?"  The answer, Constant Reader, lies in the fact that most people bugger off first thing on Sunday morning.  However, someone has to do the final tidying-up and one of those someones is me.  As it was going to take at least four hours to finish everything, I elected to stay a further night rather than pack everything in a mad rush and drive a Several of hundreds of miles in a coma.

So while Kim Nelson and I took easily portable Stuffs back to the "store" - a container parked behind the Civic Center, Chris and Mike went to take down the forty-nine sheets of plywood we'd tied to the guard rails on the bridge at the course.  Loading them onto Kim's trailer was simplified by the unexpected arrival for Team Eivie - Damjan, Joze and Scott Wilson - plus a keen local named Matt.  Then Kim had to go home to fetch the BIG trailer, so we sat around in the sun playing noughts and crosses and waving to the various members of the Arrow Hawk team as they went past on their way from the Mill Creek campground to Idaho and Parts Beyond.

Load the "grandstands" onto the BIG trailer, return same to the school sports field, back out to the course to collect the eighteen straw bales we used this year.  Last year there were a hundred and fifty, which required a small army and three trips with a Big Rig to set up, so this can readily be seen to be a great improvement.  As we return, Matt is apparently tidying up the desert, on his hands and knees.  That way, laddie, lies madness.  Finally we drop the bales off back at Kim's house and go our separate ways.  I was planning on going back to bed, but the housekeeping ladies hadn't been round yet, so I decided to catch up on Doing Things with Photos, Reading Things on Teh Intarwebz and cursing this keyboard when it fails to do as I think it's been told.

Anyway, they're here now, so I can pop out to the boozarium, buy BEER and then have a nice lie down.  This is probably all youse is gonna get from today, so be patient and there will be more, with added Scenery, in twenty-eight (approximately) hours time.  Also the wind is getting up and it's growing cloudy to the south and it sort-of looks like rain.

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