Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 16: Battle Mountain, NV - Evanston, WY

Delft's subtly redecorated minibus
An extra couple of hours kip seems to make no difference whatsoever in that I still resemble a zombie as I stagger forth from my room in search of coffee.  Following which, pack up, check out and say goodbyes to those still present.  Except the Cygnus boys, who are still in bed.  And then home.  Well almost.  Firstly to the cash machine, then to the Shell station and finally to the Booze Emporium.  The last people from the event I see are Tiff & Mike Underwood; they are parked outside the Booze Emporium as I pass.  I wave, but they are clearly too engrossed in thoughts of Liquor to notice.

So, east on I-80 all the way to the edge of Salt Lake City.  The scenery in the Nevada section differs not at all from that we've been seeing for the past week, until one drops down into Wendover and Lo! spread before one is the Bonneville Salt Flats.  There was some kind of event going on, but I didn't stop to investigate as I'd soon be passing back into the Mountain time zone and losing the hour I gained after leaving Cedar City.  Salt Lake City seemed easier to navigate in this direction though perhaps it being Sunday afternoon rather that Saturday morning had something to do with it.  The locals still drive like utter cocks, though.

From the relatively low-lying SLC, altitude is quickly gained up Parley's Canyon, followed by some lesser roads to Kamas, where a further infusion of motor-spirit is required.  Then right onto UT-150, which follows the Upper Provo River to the summit of Bald Mountain Pass, 10,715 feet up.  Curiously, the lower you go on the northern side, the fewer trees there are; instead the road runs through ranch land.  Mostly cattle, but for the second year running progress is halted by a flock of sheep being herded along and ultimately across the road.  And so into Evanston for the night, or at least once the myriad updates to assorted Intarwebs have completed.  At least I did better than the confused Kiwi lady who popped up in reception to complain that one of the rooms allocated to her party did not contain the usual amenities such as a bed, a shower, a WC, etc. but rather Coke and ice machines...

Sheep, America, Sunday

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