Sunday, 11 September 2011

Day 8: Bishop, CA - Battle Mountain, NV

What a dull journey.  Three hundred miles and apart from junctions and towns, the number of applications of the brakes could be counted on the fingers of one hand.  Still, I have arrived in one piece and unimpeded by the Law.  And I have finally solved the problem of my giant mains adapter device continually falling out of wall sockets or being out of range of same by shelling out a mere three dollars for a 12' extension lead.  All I need now is that iPod -> car lead and I'll be reet, but if Napa Auto Parts over the road don't have one, I may have to go to Elko.  Only 75 miles each way.  Organisators Al'n'Alice Krause were already here when I arrived, as was Chris Broome and a couple of Californian lads whose names I have forgotten.  On is small and bald and the other is tall and not bald, if that's any help.  No pictures as yet, as there was nothing worth snapping for the entire journey, but if anyone wants a WW2-era Jeep, I know where there's one for sale.  There may be photos when the competitors start to arrive.

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