Sunday, 16 September 2012

Day 16: Battle Mountain, NV - Rawlins, WY

The only thing I need write today is this: I-80.  The only sights of note along the entire day's route are Parley's Canyon, which takes the 80 around the south of Salt Lake City, and the Bonneville Salt Flats, of which I have a Several of pictures on the flickr stream anyway.  So no photos today.

I did get stopped by the Utah Highway Patrol whom I'd just overtaken at a safe and legal 75 mph.  Apparently one is supposed to wait at least two seconds before pulling in from a passing manoeuvre and I hadn't.  Nice officer let me off with the standard warning he's obliged to give everyone whether he nicks them or not.

I'd originally planned to carry on a further hundred miles to Laramie but didn't due to:

  1. Yawning, and
  2. Lack of ice-melting equipment, and
  3. More yawning, and
  4. A pain in the ankle again, and
  5. Yawning
The yawning and lack of ice-melting equipment issues are now (mostly) resolved, so I shall shortly seek out some ice on which to conduct Scientific Experiments and hope the rednecks next door don't restart playing a mixture of country and Bon fucking Jovi at skull-wrenching volume.

States revisited: Utah, Wyoming.

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