Tuesday, 13 May 2014


As it is now tomorrow, let it be known that yesterday (i.e. Tuesday) I have acquired some, or more, of the following:
  • a Shiny1 keyring to commemorate 90 days sans boozohol, and
  • all required2 to sojourn in USAnia again later this year
The regular Automatic Diary will thus resume on August 22nd; in the meantime I promise to keep quiet about the war not drinking for a bit.

1 - Shiny Thing Make It All Better...
2 - plane tickee, motorcar reservation, USAnian address for the first night, written permish from Nice Mr Obambi to come and have a poke around, etc. etc.


  1. And if you knew how difficult it was to add a link while updating thee Automatic Diary from an iPad, you'd kill Steve Jobs utterly to DETH. If he weren't dead already, obv.

  2. Mr Larrington, Sir,
    first of all, good job with the rescue of your liver. I should be this brave but remained a coward.
    Secondly, at it seems, some bloke in the unaided states decided to calculate the shortest way to visit all 48 states, a project which might sound vaguely similar your regular cruis(ad)e to BM. Mind you, this fellow doesn't take anything scenic, just straight to his target:
    Lastly, i am deeply sorrowed to mention that i will not be showing up in BM this year. My teammates should however.

    1. Sorry to hear you're not coming this year, matey. I trust the rest of the boys have been practising hard in order to maintain the quota of terrible jokes ;-)

  3. I will do my best to fulfill this requirement....