Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 21: Battle Mountain, NV

The "We Hear" Department tells us that the reason Rik Houwers only achieved 75-odd mph yesterday was that the squished flies on the fairing were buggering up the airflow.  Pesky insects.

Thursday morning's extra half-hour in bed had this much effect: 0.  Dial 1-800-BRA-ANES for all your undead nutritional needs, coz the Brown Drink and crack-laced cinnamon rolls at the Super 8 ain't cutting it.  To the 305.


Damjan banged in another 69+ while both the Russian lads were very wobbly at the start but got down successfully.  Poor Christien had an issue with Velox IV's video system; the lads fixed it but by then it was too late for her to run in the first session.  By the time the stalled traffic had been let through and the road reclosed, the wind had risen to unfriendly speeds again.  She didn't run.
Christien rues another missed opportunity
We ran the short-course runs after the long ones.  Often the wind drops again around 09:30.  Today it didn't, so while Teagan and Alan both improved their speeds marginally, no significant improvements were likely.
Alan tries to get BBC2 HD
Today is Tom Amick's 50th birthday.  There was CAEK.

Teagan has been testing her starting prowess with the newly-fitted 73-tooth chainring on Beluga.  The noises off suggest that Larry might sensibly have left the Kevlar™ crash panels in place for the time being.  At least she managed not to hit this:
/me want Shiny Thing
The author's sweep car speed record may well be in jeopardy chiz, as it belongs to Walt Tibbits a.k.a. The Phantom Starter.  He has said he'll run sweep in it tomorrow, so I think I should ride shotgun as an observer.

The evening was like the morning, only windy.  A fair few decided to sit things out again, including both Velox IV riders.  Christien still hasn't had a successful run over the full course.  Damjan's still banging 'em in in the high 60s in spite of the wind, and also seems to have got the hang of stopping Eivie now.  Jan-Marcel ran over 70 again and Gareth is right up with the rude boys with a similar speed.  At the time of writing Dr No is still out having his tea so you'll have to wait for the full list and "Upright" Mike Mowett's in-depth analysis.
Barclay Henry has a posse SHUVEL
Jan-Marcel brings Cygnus Chronos onto final approach
Plenty of folk joining the crowd of spectators / volunteers.  Once and future builders and/or riders around this year include Don and James Schroeder, Sven Jorgensen and George Leone, who appeared tonight with a thousand-yard stare and a mixed bag of Team Primal and Cal Poly chaps.  And yet more people seduced by the lure of the Toronto mob.  Do not go to Canada until after the weekend.  They're out.

Right, TEA, an early night and a prayer to the Wind Elves.  Note to self: the TEA experience will be greatly improved if you remember to switch the fucking kettle on

On T-shaped Shirts: given that the Russians are here and it's 9/11, perhaps I should have picked a shirt other than this one for today:

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