Sunday, 6 September 2015

Day 2: Chilliwack BC - Prince George BC

Poo ur gosh it rained overnight chiz and the heating - yes, heating - in my room woke me up at audax o'clock.  This part of the world appears to enjoy, if that's the right word, summer weather similar to BRITAIN i.e. partly cloudy with a chance of rain, but my Sinister Agents tell me that the long-term forecast for Battle Mountain is rather better.

So.  Breakfast.  Included pancakes.  I managed not to drown them in maple syrup by hiding them behind the menu.  As purveyors of greasy fry-ups go, though, IHOP has a lot to learn.  Insufficiently greasy for starters, also no FOREIGNS have yet grasped the idea of BACON as BRITONS know it.  I saw a sign today advertising BRITISH-stylee fish'n'chips but did not investigate further for fear of massive disappointment, and also doing 68 mph 110 km/h on the other side of the road.

For yes, I have made the motor-car's cruise control grok metric!  However this also turns the fuel consumption into litres per 100 km, which I don't understand at all.  It's bad enough with silly USAnian gallons.  I think lower numbers are better.

Now for today's grump about Anbaric Stuffs.  While Emily is now behaving herself, the motor-car's stereo is not.  It has not one but two USB ports, so you can plug in your iPod and control it via the buttons strewn about the place; on the steering wheel, on the front of the radio, under the boot floor1 ect. ect.  So I can use it to tell our old friend DJ Random to do his Stuffs, si?

No.  No, I can't.  The system is called "SYNC" and was co-developed by Ford and Microsith, and it wants to make an index of all content on my iPod. But this overtaxes its little anbarickal brane, as it cannot count beyond 15,000, which is slightly under 60% of the number of tracks on the iThing.  So I have to pipe tunes out of the headphone socket and into the car's "LINE IN" instead.  Silly hooters.  Here is the motor-car as it appears now:

We'll soon 'ave some proper dirt on that...
I still had the roof up because weather but was shamed into lowering it later after a drophead Nissan 370Z went past in a state of undress.

Today was the thick end of 700 km, and most of it was covered in trees.  British Columbia goes on for about another 1200 before it runs out and there's still an awful lot of Canada between there and the North Pole.  USAnia is titchy in comparison.  The bits that aren't trees are lakes.

Lake.  Canada. Sunday.
To get here you come up the Fraser and Thompson rivers, which were named after Fraser "The Cat" Thompson, goalkeeper for Holbein House FC in the 1982-83 season2.

According to an overhead gantry sign thing seen today it is "Motorcycle Season".  Leftpondians are famous for hunting anything which moves but I didn't think they actually went after bikers.  How do you tie a Tractor Harley to the fender of your truck anyway?  How do you cook a Pasadena orthodontist and his Gold Wing?  Do you need a special permit?  And what if you go after a One Percenter and he shoots back?

Enough.  I'm hungry.
  1. Lie.
  2. Lie.


  1. All joking aside, last year one of the members of the BC Randonneurs was shot by a guy in a pickup truck during a brevet en route from Chiliwack to Banff. See you soon.

  2. Oh Mr. Larrington, it is indeed a most pleasurable experience to once more read your scribblings that bring a smile to my face - the Grauniad is rather humourless these days.

    Congrats as well on the anniversary.