Monday, 26 September 2016

Day 30: Fort Larrington - Larrington Towers

Travels With a Donkey in the Cevennes Western Half-Devil Monster Face in Leftpondia BRITAIN - Part 1

"Stone me, what a dump!" muttered Thomas.  "Do I really have to spend the next fifty weeks here?  And why have I got a badger on my head?"
"Back in your box road atlas, laddie!" replied Mr Larrington.
But if he behaves himself I might unstaple the bikini-clad lovelies from their backing before I put them on the bookshelf...

Edit: Professor Larrington is starting a period of Professoring Down Under next week.  I wonder whether Thomas would prefer spending a Several of months in Captain Cook's Mistake?  What say Thee Panel?


  1. Excellent. Thank you.

    For 2017 I strongly feel a music themed journey should be undertaken. Places (like Radville) mentioned in songs? Following a musical genre trail - the journey of the Blues? All the places Spinal Tap toured? See which musician you like tours America in September, follow them and see ALL their gigs? Visiting cities of musical importance? Like NASHVILLE. :-)

  2. This member of Thee Panel says: Yes. But only if Professor Larrington promises to take photos of Thomas in interesting locations and forwards them to you for uploading into Thomas' photo album.

  3. We think Thomas would love some sight-seeing. He might even be able to see some Men at Work instead of one frollicking around and having T.
    But please make sure this sight-seeing is Captain Cook's Mistake and not Down under. This 2D version is not supposed to be engaged in 3D activities.
    And as Miss Von Brandenburg already stated, we need to be informed about all his adventures..

  4. If the Professor proposes crossing the hrimcealde sæ, maybe we could get Thos. and Mr. Knight together for a hair stylist conversation.

    1. It should be borne in mind that I haven't actually *asked* Professor Larrington whether she's willing to be accompanied on her peregrinations by a cardboard Dutchman yet...

  5. Troub. is, she's a Professor of Magic, so she's prob. got one of those mirrors what y'look in and c'n see anything anywhere in the world, so y'can't even smuggle him into the back of a Lonely Planet cos she'll already know.