Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Day 1: Fort Larrington - Denver CO

Today it rained, at least around Fort Larrington.  Not to Houstonian standards though; I'm really rather glad the honest burghers of YACF talked me out of going there this year.  They're still digging up many, many roads between Fort Larrington and Thiefrow, mind, which meant I was treated to a round-the-lanes detour to places I've never seen before in spite of the Fort having been in the family for more than forty years.  And it was a manky Toyota hybrid, not the Mercedes to which I have become accustomed.  Bah!

The good news is I managed to bag a seat twenty row for'ard of the one BA tried to give me, and with the extra leg room you get from being at the front on the bus cabin.  The bad news is the couple next to me had a small and noisy child much prone to shrieking.  In French.  We Larringtons are made of sterner Stuffs these days, even though I can no longer render myself unconscious with Strong Drink, and I did actually manage to get some kip.

Unfastening seatbelt to sparking up first fag: 55 minutes.  Standards are slipping, in spite of what we've been told about He Who Must Not Be Named in the Awful Office.  And Nice Man Victor at Avis actually has a convertible for me.  But he, like all car rental type is an Imp of Stan.  And I succumbed to his insidious temptations and general evil, so instead of the standard 3.7L V6 Mustang I have the 5.0L V8 version.  If the Internets are to be believed, this has 435 horsepowers.  Which is quite a lot.  Hurrah!  And guess who else is pleased?

It's a trap!  There's two of them!
The original 2D Thomas - the one who toured Leftpondia with me last year before visiting Captain Cook's Mistake with Professor Larrington - is on the left.  I think he must have shrunk in transit or something.

More Stuffs tomorrow, Stuffs fans, as I head for Places I Just Missed Visiting On Previous Trips Because I Didn't Know They Were There.  Not, I grant you, the snappiest theme, but you get what you pay for, right?


  1. Yihaa WHPSC2017 has started! Unleash the horses. Stay safe and have fun.

  2. Yay! And moreover Hurrah! The Automatic Diary is back! (jumps up and down in excitement)

  3. You came to Colorado and didn't say hi!